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The Convergent Prayer Book

According to the use of the Convergent Catholic Communion.

Dear Friend,

The publication of this Prayer Book is a joyous event for the Convergent Catholic Communion!  This Prayer Book represents another step in our evolution, as a Communion, toward a more perfect balance of Christian Tradition.  When our Communion formed in 2014, our founders envisioned a church that represented the best that Christian Tradition had to offer, and this Prayer Book represents another opportunity for us to show what that means.  Because we pulled from our collective spiritual heritage, we know that you find familiarity within these pages, and maybe some things that are new.  

The Convergent Catholic Communion (CCC) exists within the Convergence and Independent Sacramental Movements.   We believe in promoting unity but not uniformity within the Church of Christ by bringing together the Sacramental/Catholic, Evangelical, and Charismatic streams of Christianity. Instead of the seeing the major branches of the Church as being in opposition to one another, we view them as being complementary.  We recognize that Convergent Christianity in Phoenix does not look like Convergent Christianity in Dallas or Atlanta; considering this diversity, each local community is encouraged to modify and adapt these liturgies to reflect their own approach*.  Additionally, we view this Prayer Book as a living document so the officially published and endorsed version may change from time to time as we continue our conversations and growth on this journey together.

Finally, I wish to give thanks to the members of the Liturgy Committee who have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to bring us to this day.  Your hard work and dedication are a testament to your passion and calling to the ministry of this Communion and the Church as a whole.

Bishop Kenny

*We offer the text of our Prayer Book at no cost to you via the links above.  If you'd prefer to have it in print or ebook format, our publisher has a minimum cost to cover the publishing  

You can order print editions here.

You can order the digital edition here.

This is Prayer Book was self published, if you find an error please email Please include the version (word, pdf, digital or print), line number and page number.

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