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Our Family

Worship Communities

Our Communion encourages diversity in the expressions of Convergent Catholicism. Convergent Catholicism is currently expressed in three ways in our Communion.  We offer these definitions as a way of starting conversation but we wish to stress these are oversimplifications and really do not capture the nuances that are present. 

First Expression Communities would, in many respects, exhibit a spiritual life and worship service that is fully evangelical, fully charismatic and fully sacramental. These communities strive to be  characterized by the best elements of each of the three streams.

Second Expression Communities are fully sacramental, and. embrace what many would describe as the “high church” paradigm. Their church services would be a liturgical experience from beginning to end; likely including formal prayers of the people, congregational prayers of penitence,  professing a Creed aloud together, and sharing the peace.  These Catholics embrace the sacraments in a way that is fully in-step with tradition.  These Catholics would be working to deliberately include more of the free-flowing elements of a Spirit-led worship experience in their lives.


Third Expression Communities would embrace what many describe as the “low church” dominant paradigm; that which is commonly experienced in the typical Protestant congregation. This Expression recognizes the ancient church as a legitimate voice, but mostly in their insistence on a celebrating weekly Eucharist.  Third Expression Convergent Catholics rely less on printed prayer books and service guides in favor of extemporaneous preaching, teaching and prayer. 

Western Rite Worship Communities


Atlanta, Georgia

3rd Expression Community

popcross copy.png

Convergent Catholic Ministries

El Dorado Springs, Missouri

2nd Expression Community


Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

3rd Expression Community

(In Re-development)


Anglo-Catholic Church

Portland, Oregon

2nd Expression Community


Chapmanville, West Virginia 

2nd Expression Community


Phelan, California

2nd Expression Community

Eastern Rite Worship Communities


Phoenix, Arizona

1st Expression Community


Independent Orthodox Church

Bowling Green, Kentucky

2nd Expression Community


A Church Without Walls

Frederick, Maryland

1st Expression Community

17_ St_ Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and

Free Orthodox Mission

Bozeman, Montana

2nd Expression Community

(In Development)

Para-church Ministries


Para-church organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that usually carry out their mission independent of church oversight.  Roles that para-church organizations undertake include larger more national or international movements such as Religious Orders, Chaplaincies, Evangelistic Associations, Self Help Groups, Bible Study Groups, etc..

Monastic and Religious Orders


Clerical Members


Unlike the traditional Diocesan and Eparchial Episcopal models found in the canonical and mainstream churches, our Communion assigns Episcopal oversight through a non-geographic, charism-based model. In the Legislative Session of the 2022 General Assembly, the Connexional Episcopal Model was codified in the Communion Codes and Canons. Currently, our four Connexion's below represent the diverse lungs of the One Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Learn More Here

Connexion of Saint Augustine of Canterbury


The Episcopate (Order of Bishops)

Metropolitan JOHN GREGORY (Kenneth) von Folmar - Ordinary (Glendale, AZ)

The Presbyterate (Order of Priests)

the Very Rev. Father COLUMBA (Kevin Daugherty)- Archpriest  (Glendale, AZ)

the Rev. Father SERAPHIM TITUS (James) McAlister (Charleston, SC)

the Rev. Canon Thomas Artist (Chapmanville, WV)

Aspirants for Holy Orders

Subdeacon URIEL PATRICK-JOAN (Dustin) Kennedy(Peoria, AZ)

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Connexion of Saint Thomas Weller the Advocate


The Episcopate (Order of Bishops)

the Right Rev. Rebecca Pierce - Ordinary  (Osceola, MO)

The Presbyterate (Order of Priests)

the Rev. Father Matthew Furman (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)

the Rev. Father Steven Pierce (Osceola, MO)

the Rev. Father Timothy Warren (Hesperia, CA)

The Diaconate (Order of Deacons)

the Rev. Deacon Nicholas Carpenter* (Apple Valley, CA)


Aspirants for Holy Orders

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Connexion of Saints Dorothy (Sayer & Day)

The Episcopate (Order of Bishops)

the Right RevMichael Angelo D'Arrigo - Ordinary (Madison, GA)

The Presbyterate (Order of Priests)

the Rev. Father John Robison (Laurel, MD)

the Rev. Father PADRIG (Lorenzo) Thomas (Beavercreek, OH)

the Rev. Father Keith Jefferies (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Aspirants for Holy Orders

Min. Jason Carson Wilson (Washington, DC)

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Connexion of Saint John Chrysostom (Eastern Rites)


The Episcopate (Order of Bishops)

Metropolitan JOHN GREGORY (Kenneth) von Folmar - Eparch (Glendale, AZ)

The Presbyterate (Order of Priests)

the Very Rev. Father BASIL (James) Miller - Archpriest (Bowling Green, KY)

the Rev. Father IAKOVOS ATHANASIOS (Jake) Miller (Glendale, AZ)

the Rev. Presbyter MAXIM (Davi )Hayes (Frederick, MD)

The Diaconate (Order of Deacons)

the Rev. Deacon MAXIMUS (Christopher) Kennedy (Peoria, AZ)

Aspirants for Holy Orders

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Learn more about the Connexion of St. John Chrysostom here.

Connexion of Our Lady of the Cascades

The Episcopate (Order of Bishops)

the Right Rev. William Gameson - Ordinary (Portland, OR)

The Presbyterate (Order of Priests)

the Rev. Mother Susan Bolen (Tucson, AZ)

the Rev. Father Edgar Cedeno (Portland, OR)

the Rev. Father Nicholas Jacobs (Bozeman, MT)

Aspirants for Holy Orders

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Learn more about the Connexion of Our Lady of the Cascades here.

*Due to the dispersed nature of our Communion, all new members are welcomed as Provisional Members.  This special designation allows the candidate to be active in the common life of the Communion while discerning full membership.  Canonically, the rights and privileges of a Provisional Member are limited to those granted by the Presiding Bishop, whereas a full member is granted the full rights and privileges of the order to which they belong. 


Communion Partners

The Convergent Catholic Communion considers itself to be in communion with all those who strive to witness to the life, ministry and teaching of Christ.  We recognize for some, a formalized agreement is necessary due to faith tradition or custom, therefore, we are happy to formalize such agreements.  The communion partners listed here are those Worship Communities, Para-church Ministries, Networks, Denominations and Communions that have established a formal Full Communion Agreement with the Convergent Catholic Communion.

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